Pakistan Cricket Board announces commercial partners for Pakistan v South Africa women series: Press Release

Golootlo has entered into a partnership with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to become the title sponsor for the upcoming white-ball series featuring the women’s cricket teams of Pakistan and South Africa. The series is scheduled to commence on Friday, marking a significant collaboration to promote women’s cricket.

PayPak, meanwhile, has taken on the role of presenting sponsor for the three T20Is and three ODIs that are part of the series. The T20Is are set to take place on September 1, 3, and 4, followed by the ODIs, which are also counted as matches within the ICC Women’s Championship 2022-25, scheduled for September 8, 11, and 14. All these matches are slated to be hosted at the esteemed National Bank Stadium in Karachi.


Usman Waheed, PCB Director – Commercial, expressed his gratitude to Golootlo and PayPak for their support to women’s cricket, emphasizing that this collaboration holds significance as a milestone in the growth and acknowledgment of women’s cricket in Pakistan. He highlighted that this partnership stands as a testament to the collective commitment to uplift the sport and provide the women cricketers with the resources required for their success on the international stage. Waheed expressed optimism about the upcoming Pakistan-South Africa series, foreseeing it as an exciting event that both the commercial partners and fans will enjoy.

Fahad Mahmood, CEO of Golootlo, conveyed the brand’s belief in the inspirational and unifying power of sports. As the sponsor of the enthralling T20I and ODI series between Pakistan and South Africa women’s cricket teams, Golootlo takes pride in being a part of this showcase of sportsmanship. Mahmood noted Golootlo’s extensive network and robust partnerships that enable the delivery of unbeatable value to their consumers, reflecting the spirit of progress and resilience shared by both Golootlo and women’s cricket.

Najeeb Agrawala, CEO of PayPak, celebrated the sponsorship of the T20I and ODI series, highlighting their commitment to empowering women and advancing digital progress. With a focus on both sports and digital payments, the sponsorship aligns with PayPak’s mission to celebrate the spirit of Pakistan.

The series schedule includes:

– September 1: First T20I against South Africa
– September 3: Second T20I against South Africa
– September 4: Third T20I against South Africa
– September 8: First ODI against South Africa
– September 11: Second ODI against South Africa
– September 14: Third ODI against South Africa