ODI World Cup Live: Shadab Khan suffers a knock; walk-off the field

Shadab Khan is injured and had to move out of the field during the World Cup match against South Africa.

In an ongoing World Cup match between Pakistan and South Africa, the Pakistani team faced an unexpected setback as star all-rounder Shadab Khan was forced to leave the field due to injury. The incident occurred when Shadab Khan fell sideways while fielding, causing concern for the Pakistani fans and the Pakistani camp.

Shadab Khan, known for his dynamic presence on the field, contributing his all-round skills to the team’s cause when the injury halted his performance. The moment he hit the ground, it was evident that something had gone terribly wrong, and a sense of concern was generated. He might have hurt his neck and shoulder area.


As the injury occurred, the stretcher was brought out, signaling the seriousness of the injury. The sight of the stretcher was a bit shocking for both fans and teammates, fearing the worst. Shadab Khan, however, displayed immense determination. After a brief assessment and discussions with the medical team, he decided to walk off the field, despite the discomfort and pain.