ODI World Cup 2023: Pakistan may play their matches in Bangladesh

Pakistan will play the ICC World Cup 2023 at a neutral venue, says Wasim Khan.

ESPNCricinfo says Pakistan may play its ODI World Cup matches in Bangladesh in 2023. Pakistan may opt out of the marquee tournament due to tensions between both countries. India hosts the marquee tournament, but tensions between both countries could see Pakistan opt out of playing in the country. The report further states that discussions are ongoing, with a hybrid model for the Asia Cup also being looked at as a solution.

There has been a rise in the conflict between the BCCI and the PCB to an unprecedented level. Wasim Khan was previously the CEO of the PCB and is now the General Manager of Cricket at the ICC. He has claimed that Pakistan will now play the ICC World Cup 2023 at a neutral venue and not in India. Wasim Khan said, “I don’t think Pakistan will play matches in India. Our matches will also be at a neutral venue like India’s Asia Cup matches.


Pakistan is hosting the continental tournament this year, but India may play at a neutral venue. The game between India and Pakistan could happen outside Pakistan.