ODI World Cup 2023 Live: Mitchell Starc warns Kusal Perera to stay in the crease

Mitchell Starc has warned Kusal Perera in the ongoing World Cup game to stay at the crease. He had a chance to mankad him but he chose not to.

In an ongoing game between Australia and Sri Lanka during the ongoing World Cup, Mitchell Starc demonstrated both his skill as a cricketer and his sportsmanship on the field. Starc, a renowned Australian fast bowler, found himself in a situation that often raises questions in the cricketing world – the possibility of ‘mankading’ Kusal Perera, the Sri Lankan batsman, who went outside the crease.

As the game was in full swing, Starc’s exceptional bowling was proving to be a challenge for the Sri Lankan side. In a moment that could have changed the course of the match, Kusal Perera, a talented left-handed batsman, found himself outside the crease as Starc prepared to release the ball.


However, instead of taking the controversial route of ‘mankading,’ Mitchell Starc chose a more sportsmanlike approach and warned Kusal. He paused in his delivery, allowing Kusal Perera to return to his crease before releasing the ball. In doing so, Starc sent a clear message – he was not willing to take advantage of an mistake by the batsman to claim a wicket.