NZ vs AUS: Chappell-Hadlee Trophy to include T20I series

The historic Chappell-Hadlee trophy, traditionally awarded for bilateral ODI series between cricketing giants Australia and New Zealand, is set to witness an expansion in its scope. Now, the coveted trophy will also be up for grabs in T20I series between the trans-Tasman rivals, marking a significant evolution in the competition’s format.

Commencing with the upcoming three-match T20I series scheduled to commence on Wednesday in Wellington, this expansion promises to infuse renewed excitement and significance into the already fiercely contested rivalry between the two nations.


Sir Richard Hadlee, representing his family, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, highlighting the enhanced visibility and profile it will bring to the trophy. “I like the new conditions too – especially in the event of back-to-back 20-over and 50-over series,” he remarked, emphasizing the sustained relevance and stakes of each game.

Greg Chappell echoed similar sentiments, expressing his satisfaction with the decision to incorporate bilateral T20I series into the Chappell-Hadlee trophy. He emphasized the opportunity for young talents from both countries to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious trophy.

Cricket Australia chief Nick Hockley lauded the move, underlining the significance of Australia’s enduring rivalry with New Zealand in world cricket. He emphasized that the inclusion of T20Is will add further relevance and allure to the Chappell-Hadlee trophy in the years to come.

New Zealand Cricket chief Scott Weenink emphasized the importance of preserving tradition while embracing innovation. He stressed the significance of the trophy for players, fans, and future generations, emphasizing the rich history and legacy it represents.

The Chappell-Hadlee trophy, initiated in December 2004, has witnessed memorable battles between the two cricketing powerhouses. With Australia holding the trophy seven times and New Zealand clinching it on four occasions, the extension to include T20Is is poised to usher in a new era of competition and excitement for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.