Netizens guess coach Rahul Dravid’s “four letter word starting with S” to be sexy; Click here to know more…


Indian coach Rahul Dravid has always been posed as one of the crucial thinkers of team India’s management which is why the viewers have always witnessed the heroic coach with a serious look. But the evening of the press conference ahead of India vs Pakistan, changed the moment as light-hearted Rahul Dravid made the fans laugh.

On Friday, Pakistan’s bowlers were able to hold Hong Kong to just 38 while recording their largest T20I victory and securing their spot in the Asia Cup’s Super 4 round. On the other hand, Indian bowlers had secured their qualifying the day before by taking five wickets for 152 runs against the same team.

When the reporter considered that Pakistan’s bowling is preferably better than India’s bowling unit, and asked Rahul Dravid for his views on it, coach Dravid gave a sensational reply to it.

“Theek he, unke bowlers ne bhi aachi bowling ki thi. They are a very good bowling side. I would definitely agree that Pakistan is a good bowling side and they bowled really well but we too managed to restrict them in 147 runs and I do not think speed of bowling matters because ultimately the bowling analysis is something which counts.”

“It might not be as…I wanted to use a word but I can’t use that word. It’s coming out of my mind but I can’t use it here,” he said as the room erupted in laughter.

In an attempt to support Dravid, another journalist inquired as to whether the word was “exuberant.” Not exuberant, the former India batsman swiftly retorted. It has four letters and the letter “s” at the beginning.

The video instantly went viral and the netizens reacted to it as an attempt to guess the word, to be “sexy”