MS Dhoni to take advice from Sports Orthopedics for his knee injury

MS Dhoni suffered with a left knee injury throughout the IPL 2023.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has set an example for the youngsters and resilience by playing through the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season despite battling a left knee injury. Now, as the tournament concludes, Dhoni has wisely chosen to consult with sports orthopedics in Mumbai before embarking on any treatment for his sustained injury. This decision demonstrates Dhoni’s commitment to his long-term health and highlights the significance of seeking expert medical advice in the pursuit of continued sporting excellence.

Throughout his cricket career, Dhoni has become a strong person with mental toughness and leading by example. The 2023 IPL season witnessed him displaying exceptional strength of character as he struggled with a left knee injury while leading his team, Chennai Super Kings. Despite experiencing discomfort and pain, Dhoni remained determined to guide his team to success.


Now that the IPL season has concluded and he won the title for the fifth time, Dhoni has made a wise decision to consult with sports orthopedics in Mumbai.