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MS Dhoni set to return for IPL 2024 despite knee injury: CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan

Former India captain and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) leader, MS Dhoni, displayed exceptional commitment during the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) season, refusing to miss a single game despite a heavily strapped left knee in a cast.

Following CSK’s victory in the tournament, Dhoni underwent surgery in Mumbai to address his injury. The CSK management expressed their appreciation for Dhoni’s dedication, emphasizing his leadership and the positive impact he had on the team. Dhoni is currently in a comfortable and happy state of recovery.


CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan revealed that the team never pressured Dhoni regarding his availability for matches. They trusted that if Dhoni felt he couldn’t play, he would inform them directly. Despite struggling with his knee, Dhoni never complained or expressed his discomfort to anyone throughout the tournament. His commitment to the team and its success was evident, earning him appreciation from the management. After the final, Dhoni decided it was time for surgery, and he underwent the procedure in Mumbai. He is currently content with his progress and recovery.

During the post-final presentation, Dhoni mentioned that retiring after winning the IPL title would be an ideal moment. However, he has pledged to return for at least one more season if his body permits. This gesture would be a gift to his fans, even if it means enduring the challenges of another nine months. Dhoni’s resolve to continue playing remains unchanged, and he plans to commence his rehabilitation after three weeks of post-surgery rest.

Viswanathan confirmed that Dhoni had already informed the team about his post-surgery plans. Immediately after the final, Dhoni flew to Mumbai to undergo the procedure, and Viswanathan visited him during his recovery. Dhoni expressed his comfort with the current state of affairs and shared that he would rest for three weeks before starting his rehabilitation. He reiterated his commitment not to return to the field until January or February, and the CSK management fully supports his timeline.