Mitchell Starc’s hat trick ignites fearsome form in World Cup Warm-up clash

In a dazzling display of skill and precision, Australia’s star left-arm pacer, Mitchell Starc, once again asserted his dominance on the cricket field during a warm-up match against the Netherlands in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. Starc’s formidable pace and accuracy were showcased brilliantly as he clinched a remarkable hat trick, a feat that reverberated through the cricketing world.

During the match, Starc’s hat trick journey began with the dismissal of Max O’Dowd, who found himself caught in front of the stumps, falling victim to a delivery that swung in and straightened enough to claim an LBW. Starc swiftly followed this with a devastating inswinging delivery that clean-bowled Wesley Barresi, leaving the right-handed batsman stunned and departing on the final ball of the first over.


The cricketing arena buzzed with anticipation as Starc, with unwavering focus, approached the pitch for his hattrick opportunity. With sheer determination, he unleashed a lightning-fast yorker on the first ball of the third over, smashing the middle stump and leaving Bas de Leede with no chance.

Although this extraordinary hat trick will not be etched into official records due to its warm-up status, its impact resonates loudly, reminding fans worldwide of Starc’s ability to dismantle oppositions with his lethal bowling. Starc’s stellar performance serves as a potent warning to opponents and a source of excitement for cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the World Cup action.