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Michael Vaughan suggests Saurav Ganguly consider Women’s IPL as a top priority

Michael Vaughan asks Saurav Ganguly to start the exciting league – IPL for women too.

English cricketer Michael Vaughan shared his thoughts to initiate the top-rich and exciting tournament of Indian Premier League for women’s cricket too. Michael via his Twitter account suggested the idea of starting the IPL for women and asked Saurav Ganguly to get it “sorted”.

Over the years the awareness and excitement in women’s cricket have been witnessed growing consistently with Indian performers getting cheered up by the fans while on another side of the world, Ashes for women seems to have the same rivalry banter among the two old-age rival nations.

Michael Vaughan has put thought to all the fans and especially the Indian management that IPL for women should get started as it would give even the women players a platform to showcase their best performance. The Australian tournament Big Bash League has already started Women’s Big Bash League where the fans witness women cricketers from all over the world are performing and getting appreciative responses from the fans. The Australian Women’s T20 Cup got replaced by the Women’s Big Bash League ( WBBL). Till now 7 seasons of WBBL have been played since the period of 2015-16.

Saurav Ganguly and Indian management can give it a thought about the Women’s IPL as it would benefit BCCI with revenue while the women’s cricket and individual players might get a positive opportunity to get recognition in the cricket fraternity.

The Indian Premier League for men is set to begin in March while the mega auctions are to be held in Bengaluru on February 12 and 13.