MCC Clears The Controversial Dismisal Of Charlie Dean At Lord’s

After India defeated England in the nail biting 3rd ODI, a lot of controversies popped up whether India deserved to win or not or whether Deepti Sharma, who dismissed Dean was fair or not.

The lawmakers of the game acted quickly to clearify the dismissal on Saturday at the Lords, London.


England’s Dean was into tears after India’s Deepti Sharma got her run out at the non-strikers end during her delivery stride. This gave the visitors a 16 run win against England but conjecture followed to the same.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), clarified the entire controversy. The board stated that the rule is still under the ‘Unfair Play’ section of the laws, but is suppose to be moved to ‘Fair Play’ section of the law from October 1 when the update of the ICC Playing Conditions comes into effect.


“This change will formally come into effect from 1 October 2022. This was done to clarify this matter and to place an onus on batters to ensure that they do not leave the crease at the non-striker’s end, prior to a bowler releasing the ball,” the statement read.