Marlon Samuels Faces Six-Year Ban for Anti-Corruption Violations

Former West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels has been slapped with a six-year ban from all cricket activities by an independent Anti-Corruption Tribunal. The tribunal’s verdict found Samuels guilty of breaching the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Anti-Corruption Code, following charges filed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in September 2021. The judgment, rendered in August of the same year, cited four counts of misconduct against Samuels.

The charges include failing to disclose gifts, payments, or benefits that could tarnish the player or cricket’s reputation (Article 2.4.2), neglecting to reveal hospitality exceeding US $750 (Article 2.4.3), non-cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Official’s investigation (Article 2.4.6), and obstructing or delaying the investigation by concealing pertinent information (Article 2.4.7).


Effective from November 11, 2023, the six-year ban holds significant repercussions for Samuels, whose cricket career spanned almost two decades at the international level. Despite his retirement, the penalties are based on actions committed while actively participating in the sport.

Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager for HR and Integrity Unit, emphasized that although Samuels is now retired, the offenses occurred during his active tenure. The severity of the six-year ban serves as a stern deterrent against future participants contemplating anti-corruption breaches. Marshall highlighted Samuels’ participation in multiple anti-corruption sessions during his career, underscoring the gravity of the violations.

This case underscores the ICC’s unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of cricket, reinforcing the repercussions for those failing to adhere to anti-corruption protocols. Samuels’ ban sends a robust message about the ongoing obligations of players under anti-corruption codes, even post-retirement, solidifying the ICC’s stance against corruption in the sport.