Manchester United owners express interest to buy a team in WIPL

The Manchester United team’s owners, who earlier applied for an Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, have indicated that they are interested in the Women’s IPL. Avaram Glazer is reportedly seriously considering the WIPL, according to a representative for the owners who spoke with Cricbuzz on the sidelines of the ILT20 in Dubai, where they also own the Desert Vipers team.

“Having bought into the ILT20, it is natural for us to look into other cricket opportunities around the world, including Women’s IPL,” Phil Oliver, the CEO of Desert Vipers said.


It is believed that since the BCCI recently launched the WIPL franchise ITT, it has generated considerable buzz in both the Indian and international markets. It is believed that over 20 parties, including the majority of the current IPL franchises and those who missed out on purchasing an IPL side in 2021, have taken the ITT, and there may be fierce bidding competition.