Madushanka’s Magical Yorker Sends Litton Das Packing in World Cup Showdown

In a high-voltage clash between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the ICC World Cup 2023, Sri Lankan pacer Madushanka showcased his brilliance yet again, claiming the prized scalp of Litton Das with a scorching yorker that left the batsman in no position to defend.

Litton Das, who was looking well-settled, fell victim to Madushanka’s exceptional bowling prowess. The delivery in question was a searing yorker, perfectly pitched in the blockhole. Litton Das, caught off guard by the pace and swing, was late to bring his bat down. The ball crashed into his front boot, leaving him with no choice but to depart.


The Sri Lankan bowler, in a relentless display of skill and accuracy, managed to get the ball to swing just enough to deceive Litton Das. The umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger, signaling the end of Das’ promising innings.

Litton Das, who had scored 23 runs off 22 balls, including two boundaries and two sixes, had shown glimpses of his attacking prowess before being outfoxed by Madushanka’s lethal yorker. Despite considering a review and engaging in a brief discussion with his teammate Shanto, Das wisely refrained from wasting a review, acknowledging the perfection of the delivery that had dismissed him.

Madushanka’s remarkable spell and his ability to deliver crucial breakthroughs continued to be a thorn in Bangladesh’s side. With every delivery, he added pressure on the opposition, ensuring that the Sri Lankan team remained on the front foot.

As the match progressed, Madushanka’s impact was felt across the field, keeping the Bangladeshi batsmen on their toes. His consistent line and length, combined with the ability to extract movement, made him a potent force in Sri Lanka’s bowling attack.

The contest between bat and ball reached new heights as Madushanka’s brilliance shone through. With each wicket he claimed, Sri Lanka’s chances of securing victory in the World Cup clash against Bangladesh seemed increasingly promising. Fans eagerly anticipated more enthralling moments as the battle between the two teams continued to unfold, knowing that Madushanka’s lethal deliveries could shape the outcome of the match.