Kuldeep Yadav’s clinical dismissal as he turns the tide in IND vs PAK World Cup 2023

In a crucial juncture of the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan encounter in the 2023 World Cup, Kuldeep Yadav delivered a masterclass in spin bowling that left both teams and spectators in awe. His precision and skillful execution resulted in the dismissal of Saud Shakeel, a breakthrough moment that shifted the momentum decisively in India’s favor.

Umpire Erasmus, known for his sharp judgment, rarely falters. However, on this occasion, the precision of Kuldeep’s delivery left no room for doubt. The ball was flighted artfully, pitching perfectly on leg-stump. As Shakeel pressed back, the ball dipped unexpectedly, evading his bat with deceptive spin, and striking him plumb in front of the wickets.


The appeal was fervent, and the umpire’s finger rose in response. There was little hesitation from Kuldeep and his teammates, who were convinced of the legitimacy of their appeal. It was a moment of vindication for the Indian team, who knew that this wicket was pivotal in their quest for victory.

Upon review, technology confirmed what the players and spectators suspected – this was a textbook LBW dismissal. UltraEdge showed no spike indicating any contact with the bat, and Hawkeye displayed three reds, reaffirming that the ball’s trajectory would have hit the stumps.

Saud Shakeel’s departure for a mere six runs off ten balls may seem insignificant on paper, but in the context of the match, it was monumental. This wicket was a testament to the power of precision and strategy in cricket. Kuldeep Yadav’s ability to flight the ball, deceive the batsman, and turn the game in India’s favor showcased the artistry that defines spin bowling at its finest.