Kuldeep Yadav Strikes: Chapman Departs in Semi-Final Showdown

In a pivotal moment of the India vs. New Zealand semi-final clash, Kuldeep Yadav delivered a crucial breakthrough by dismissing Mark Chapman. The wily leg-spinner showcased his expertise, delivering a deceptive ball that pitched on the leg and induced a bit of spin.

Chapman, attempting a slog-sweep, managed decent contact but failed to get the desired elevation. The ball traveled flat and straight into the waiting hands of the fielder stationed at deep square leg – none other than the ever-alert Ravindra Jadeja. The precision in the field placement almost seemed as if India had anticipated Chapman’s shot, strategically positioning Jadeja to capitalize on the opportunity.


Chapman’s departure came at a critical juncture, leaving New Zealand with a dent in their batting lineup. The dismissal added to the mounting pressure in this highly anticipated semi-final encounter.