Know in details: KL Rahul’s brand endorsements 

Apart from his cricketing exploits, KL Rahul has become a sought-after face in the advertising world, endorsing a plethora of renowned brands across various sectors. His endorsement portfolio is a testament to his popularity and mass appeal, transcending the realms of sports.

Brand Endorsement Portfolio


At the forefront of Rahul’s endorsement deals are prominent names such as Bharat Pe, Boat, Realme, Puma, Tata Nexon, Beardo, Zenovit, and Additionally, he has collaborated with global giants like Red Bull and the Reserve Bank of India, solidifying his status as a brand ambassador extraordinaire.

Lucrative Endorsement Fees

Rahul’s endorsement prowess is reflected in the substantial fees he commands for his services. Reports suggest that the stylish batter charges a staggering INR 10 lakh for a single advertisement shoot, indicating the immense value brands place on his association.

Brand Synergy

Rahul’s diverse endorsement portfolio aligns seamlessly with his persona and lifestyle choices. His association with fitness brands like Puma and resonates with his commitment to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, while his collaboration with Tata Nexon and Aston Martin highlights his passion for luxury automobiles.

Influential Reach

With a massive social media following and a dedicated fan base, Rahul’s endorsements reach a vast audience, amplifying brand visibility and impact. His influence extends beyond the realms of cricket, solidifying his position as a marketing powerhouse.

Future Prospects

As Rahul continues to excel on the cricketing front, his endorsement portfolio is poised for further growth. With brands vying for his association, the dynamic cricketer’s endorsement earnings are expected to soar, cementing his status as one of the most sought-after brand ambassadors in the country.