Kapil Dev Stands Firm in Support of Babar Azam Amidst World Cup Controversy

The exit of Pakistan from the World Cup has sparked a global cricketing debate, particularly centered around the performance of captain Babar Azam, whose display fell short of the expectations set by fans and experts. While some critics point fingers at Babar, former World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev takes a contrasting stance, advocating for support during the captain’s challenging times, irrespective of his on-field performance.

In a viral video message, Kapil Dev passionately urged people to rally behind Babar, emphasizing that the captaincy may be affecting him. Dev stated, “Today, you might say Babar is not performing well because you are witnessing the current situation. But this same captain elevated Pakistan to the number-one team just six months ago. When someone scores zero, 99% of people will suggest dropping him and throw support behind an ordinary player who scores a century, claiming he is the next superstar.”


Dev advised against solely considering current performances, urging observers to assess Babar’s approach to the game and how he handles tough situations. The cricketing legend emphasized that a player should be judged based on consistent attributes rather than a couple of low scores.

Kapil Dev’s staunch support for Babar Azam underscores the captain’s intrinsic talent and resilience. Despite a rollercoaster World Cup performance, where Babar emerged as the third leading run-scorer for Pakistan with 250 runs and a mixed record of three fifties, Kapil Dev’s words highlight the need to look beyond statistics and appreciate the broader aspects of a player’s contribution.

Adding to the complexity, reports of Babar’s strained relationship with PCB chief Zaka Ashraf have added a layer of controversy to the captain’s World Cup journey.