Jos Buttler & Moeen Ali Not In Favour Of Non Striker Runnot Despite MCC Statement

England’s two stars share their views on the non-striker runout after the Charlie Dean – Deepti Sharma controversy

In a recent ICC Women’s ODI between India & England, controversies started to fire up after India’s Deepti Sharma dismissed Charlie Dean on the striker’s end while she was in her delivery patch.


However, MCC shared their statement on the same.  The council mentioned that the dismissal is still listed in the ‘Unfair Play’ setting but will be included in the ‘Fair Play’ setting from October 1.

England’s men’s team’s star all-rounder Moeen Ali & Jos Buttler (who has been a victim of such dismissal) both disagree on doing anything as such even after the rule is included in the ‘Fair Play setting.

“No, I am calling the batsman back. No one wants to see them in the game because they always create such a talking point when it should be about the battle between bat and ball and watching great games of cricket. They always seem to happen at unsavoury times.” Said Buttler

Currently leading the England side against Pakistan, Moeen Ali has a similar point of view. The all-rounder mentioned that he would not do it until he has some personal issues with the player.

“I don’t think I’ll ever do it unless I was angry with someone. It’s in the laws and there’s nothing illegal so people that do it have the right, but I just hope it doesn’t become a common thing or something that’s regularly done. You’re not working to get a wicket”. Ali added.

Both the English crickets weren’t happy with anyone doing so keeping the game of the spirit high. However, the ICC rule will be legal once the new ICC guidelines come into the effect.