Joe Root supports England captain Ben Stokes in opening up on anxiety issues

Ben Stokes, the Test captain for England, spoke candidly about his issues with mental health and his use of anxiety medications. Stokes discussed it in an amazon documentary, saying he kept taking the medications even after he returned from a six-month break from the sport last year to concentrate on his mental health.

Joe Root praised Stokes for his candour in discussing a subject that is frequently viewed as difficult to open up about and said it displayed “amazing courage” on the part of the current Test captain.


“I think it’s exactly what you’ve come to see from Ben as a leader,” Root said. “How honest he is, what he expects of everyone else is stuff he would be willing to do himself. I think it shows great courage, great bravery to come out and speak openly about that stuff and some of the struggles he has personally been through.

“We were all there with him going through it, it’s not easy to see a close friend and team-mate like that but look at him now. It’s great to have him leading this team and making Test cricket so enjoyable to play and to watch.”