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Ishant Sharma reveals what MS Dhoni said to him during his last Test match

Ahead of his 100th Test match in Ahmedabad against England, Ishant Sharma shared some words with Ravichandran Ashwin. He interacted with the media and expressed his views over achieving the milestone of 100 Test matches. In between this, he also shared his memories of the 2014 Melbourne Test after which Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from Test cricket with Ravi Ashwin.

The former skipper of Indian team MS Dhoni announced his retirement from Test cricket in 2014 in the Boxing Day match that ended with a draw. Ishant Sharma was also a part of the team and was facing problems because of his knee pain. Indian pacer revealed what Dhoni said to him during the match that is still unforgettable.

“I felt very bad (on MS Dhoni’s retirement). I had taken many injections for that Melbourne Test match because I was experiencing severe pain in my knee. I did not know that Mahi Bhai (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) was going to retire. In fact, nobody knew that he was going to retire. So I was taking an injection every session.” Ishant Sharma said.

Ishant Sharma even told Dhoni that he cannot take injections anymore, and he said some words to Sharma that is still in his mind.

“At tea on the fourth day, I told Mahi Bhai I cannot take injections anymore. So he told me, that’s okay. You don’t need to bowl now. Then something happened, and he told me, ‘lambu tune mujhe Test match mein chod diya’ (you left me during the Test). I did not understand. Then he elaborated, ‘you left me midway in my last Test match. I was stunned. I told him if I knew I would definitely have continued to play. So that was a really touching story. I didn’t know till the last day that he was retiring.” he further added.