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Ishant Sharma reveals Virat Kohli’s transformation from partygoer to top performer

Ishant Sharma, the Indian fast bowler and close friend of Virat Kohli, recently shared insightful details about Kohli’s transformation from a party enthusiast to a top performer in cricket.

Ishant, who has known Kohli since their U-17 days and played together for Delhi and India, highlighted the significant changes he witnessed in Kohli’s career.


He recalled an incident during a U-19 tournament in Kolkata where Kohli went partying all night but scored an unbeaten 250 runs the following day. Ishant commended Kohli’s ability to separate personal indulgences from his commitment to the game and recognized his journey of self-improvement, which included embracing fitness and displaying dedication to his craft.

Ishant’s revelations showcase Kohli’s remarkable transformation and serve as a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Despite his early reputation as a partygoer, Kohli’s evolution as a cricketer has established him as one of the finest in the world.