Ishant Sharma reveals the difference between the mindsets of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar

Ishant Sharma, the skilled Indian pacer, recently shared intriguing insights about the mindsets of two cricketing legends, Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. Drawing a comparison between the two stalwarts, Ishant during a recent podcast interview shed light on the contrasting approaches they have towards the game, particularly in dealing with challenges and maintaining a positive mindset.

During Ishant Sharma’s interactions with Sachin Tendulkar, the master batsman provided valuable guidance on overcoming challenges, particularly when struggling to take wickets. Tendulkar advised Ishant to focus on mental energy rather than technical aspects. He highlighted the significance of believing in oneself and emphasized that “hope” is not just a word, but a profound feeling. Sachin Tendulkar’s mentorship revolved around nurturing a positive mindset and harnessing mental strength to overcome difficulties.


In stark contrast to the concept of hope, Ishant Sharma described Virat Kohli’s approach to the game as one driven by intense belief. According to Ishant, Kohli’s involvement and dedication are so profound that the word “hope” does not exist in his cricketing dictionary. Instead, Kohli’s unwavering belief in his abilities and the team’s potential fuels his performances. His relentless pursuit of success is fueled by an unshakeable faith in his skills and an unyielding desire to excel.