Ishant Sharma explains his serene side off the field

Ishant Sharma, the veteran Indian fast bowler, recently shared intriguing insights during an interview with BeerBiceps hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia. Despite his aggressive on-field persona, Ishant revealed his deep love for peace and tranquility off the field. He expressed how he has carefully maintained the decorum of his home to create a serene atmosphere that resonates with his peaceful nature.

In order to tap into his aggressive side and mentally prepare for the intense battles on the cricket field, Ishant follows a unique pre-match ritual. He spends an additional day in his hotel room before matches, using this solitary time for reflection and self-preparation. This allows him to remind himself of the need to channel his aggression on the field, ensuring that he enters each game with a fierce determination to give his all.


Interestingly, Ishant humorously refers to his alter ego as the “demonic mood,” which serves as a catalyst for showcasing his best performance. While he admits to being the laziest person at home, this contrasting persona emerges when he steps onto the cricket pitch. Ishant’s demonic mood acts as a trigger, pushing him to elevate his game and leave no room for complacency. It serves as a constant reminder to himself and his opponents that he is ready to bring his “A game” and perform at the highest level.