What does ‘Right to Match’ in an IPL auction mean

‘Right to Match’ or RTM card gives the IPL franchise to retain a player by matching the highest bid amount for the player by another team during the auction. The franchise would be allowed to retain 3 players and have the right to match the price of a maximum of 3 players without exceeding 5.

With the help of RTM card rules the franchise that owned the players previously can retain them for the exact number of amount over the franchise that won the bid. The more number of RTM card the franchise has the more number of players they can retain.


For example: an IPL franchise won the bidding for a player, with a bid of INR 8 crores, however the other IPL franchise can use their Righ to Match card to retain their player for the same amount. This will be possible if the player has already represented the team in the previous edition of the IPL.