“We would rather be in a bubble and play cricket”, Ben Stokes on living in a bio-bubble


COVID-19 had put the world on a hold in march and everything came to a standstill including sports. As things became a little better, sports started again and the first cricket game was played between England and West Indies after the halt. England hosted West Indies, Pakistan and later Australia before the IPL began in September. The difference this time was that the players had to stay in a bio-bubble and there were strict fines in place in case they breached the protocol.

There have been talks of how difficult it can get to live in the bio-bubble. England star Ben Stokes also had similar things to say about it. “It obviously comes with its challenges, you know being away from the family, being in the same place for a long period of time, it can get a bit monotonous after a certain point of time,” Stokes said.

“…we would much rather be in a bubble playing cricket and doing what we love than sitting at home not being able to do that. We need to put things into perspective, there are millions in the world suffering a lot more than what we are,” he reasoned.

With the sporting activities taking place with all the precautions it is very certain that these measures are not going anywhere till the COVID-19 vaccine is out.