Watch: Shah Rukh Khan caught smoking at Eden Gardens during IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH match

The king of Bollywood and owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise, Shah Rukh Khan, graced the Eden Gardens with his presence, sending the crowd into a frenzy of adoration during the iconic season opener of the IPL 2024 match between KKR and SRH.


However, fans noticed something else that caught their attention, not just those in the stadium but also viewers at home.

Shah Rukh Khan was seen smoking in the stadium. While some fans praised him, saying he exudes swagger and embodies the essence of a king who can flaunt such actions in front of the camera, a significant portion of the audience was troubled, watching their idol portray such an image publicly. The question of what’s right and what’s wrong remains with the fans, but here are some tweets that will make you ponder what exactly happened at the Eden Gardens.