Watch: Fans react as Hardik Pandya sends Rohit Sharma to the deep field

“Never saw Rohit fielding at boundaries. He always fielded in the 30 Yards circle,” a fan tweeted.

In an ongoing match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Gujarat Titans (GT), a lighthearted moment caught the attention of fans as Hardik Pandya, the newly-appointed MI captain, directed Rohit Sharma to field at long-on. Rohit’s startled expression upon receiving the instruction added a touch of humor to the situation.

Rohit, not anticipating such a placement, sought clarification from Hardik before complying and moving to the designated fielding position.


Despite initial speculation about a tense team environment following Hardik’s appointment as captain, players seemed to have integrated well under his leadership. Rohit Sharma remained actively involved in field settings and offered his insights, demonstrating his support for the new captain. But we would have to wait for few more matches to actually find out if Rohit and other players are satisfied with Pandya’s captaincy or no.

Here is how the fans reacted –