Virat Kohli unfollows Sourav Ganguly on Instagram after ‘no handshake’ incident at IPL 2023 match

The ongoing tension between Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly has taken a new turn as the Indian skipper has reportedly unfollowed Ganguly on Instagram. This comes after the recent IPL 2023 match between Delhi Capitals, where Ganguly is working as the Director of Cricket, and Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. Viral videos on social media showed the two avoiding each other during the customary post-match handshakes.

Ganguly, who has over three million followers on Instagram, follows 106 people, but Kohli is not among them. In contrast, Kohli has over 246 million followers on Instagram and follows 276 persons, but Ganguly is not among them.


The duo has had a history of friction. Kohli reportedly lost his position as the Indian cricket team captain when Ganguly was the BCCI president, and this might have caused the tension between them.