Video: Naveen-ul-Haq's epic reaction to crowd teasing with 'Kohli' chants during IPL match goes viral | Business Upturn

Video: Naveen-ul-Haq’s epic reaction to crowd teasing with ‘Kohli’ chants during IPL match goes viral

During a recent IPL match, Naveen-ul-Haq had an unforgettable reaction when the crowd taunted him with relentless “Kohli” chants.

Almost three weeks have passed since the heated clash between Virat Kohli, Naveen-ul-Haq, and Gautam Gambhir at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow. Despite the time that has elapsed, the fans still remember every detail of that eventful night, and they continue to engage in online discussions and banter regarding the incident.

Following the intense encounter against RCB in Lucknow earlier this month, Naveen did not participate in any matches for LSG until he was selected for their final home game on May 17, where they faced the Mumbai Indians.

Despite making a decent start with the new ball, Naveen faced an unexpected reception from the home crowd. Instead of supporting their bowler and cheering him on in his comeback, the crowd mercilessly taunted him with chants of “Kohli.” The chants grew louder each time he prepared to deliver a ball.

Naveen’s Epic Reaction:

A recent video captured the true reaction of Naveen-ul-Haq to the crowd’s taunts. In the footage, Naveen can be seen fielding near the boundary rope while the crowd continues their act of teasing him. One might have expected the player to become angry, lose his composure, or simply ignore the chants and stay focused on the game.

However, the Afghan fast bowler turned around and gestured to the crowd to shout even louder before refocusing on the game. His response was nothing short of blockbuster entertainment for the spectators.

Going back to the incident that ignited the rivalry on May 1, Naveen-ul-Haq was infuriated when Kohli allegedly pointed out the dirt on his shoes. This led to a charged confrontation between the two players, which required the intervention of the on-field umpire and Naveen’s teammate Amit Mishra. Eventually, Kohli and Naveen shared an intense handshake, but the tensions continued with a heated exchange between Kohli and LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir.