"Two editions of the IPL in every calendar year," Ravi Shastri opines on the future of IPL | Business Upturn

“Two editions of the IPL in every calendar year,” Ravi Shastri opines on the future of IPL

With IPL 2022 spread across 74 matches in 65 days, the possibility of IPL flapping its wings even higher cannot be neglected. The possibility of IPL being extended beyond one’s understanding is possible in the coming time.


Ravi Shastri, Ion Bishop, Aakash Chopra, and Daniel Vettori opined their understanding of the future of the IPL after IPL 2022 extended its wings when 10 teams played 74matches in 65 days. The mere possibility of IPL extending up to two seasons cannot be neglected, as confirmed from the conversation of the mentioned cricketing legends and experts at the ESPN cricinfo’s Run order program. The experts suggest that in the next five years IPL will be under major transformation. The likes of Ravi Shastri have suggested that the bilateral series have to be set aside and only T20 world cups have to be focused on.

“I’ve said that [before], even when I was the coach of India, I could see it happening in front of my eyes. It should go the football way, where, in T20 cricket, you just play the World Cup. Bilateral tournaments – no one remembers,” said Ravi Shastri.

“I don’t remember a single game in the last six-seven years as coach of India, barring the World Cup. If a team wins the World Cup, they will remember it. Unfortunately, we didn’t, so I don’t remember that either. Where I am coming from is: you play franchise cricket around the globe; each country is allowed to have their franchise cricket, which is their domestic cricket, and then, every two years, you come and play a World Cup.”


Akash Chopra added to the argument, “I foresee there might be two editions of the IPL in every calendar year,” Chopra said. “And that’s not too far away.” Ravi Shastri corroborated the conversation and added that the IPL might get divided into two seasons – 70 games each season. “It could be tomorrow – 140 games, split 70-70. In two seasons. You never know. That’s the way it’s going to go. That’s the way it’s developed as a beast of property. And you cannot hide away from that.