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Top 5 Highest IPL scores in history (2008-2023)

The Indian Premier League is known for hosting some of the best and most competitive cricket matches in the world. The tournament is highly intense as the players showcase heroic performances that keep us engrossed till the end. One of the most thrilling aspects of this championship is the high-scoring matches that we get to witness, where the batsmen deliver remarkable performances throughout the innings, which is a delight for every cricket fan, whether they are watching live at the stadium or on their screens.

Here are the Top 5 Highest IPL scores from 2008 to 2023* (as updated on 28-04-2023)

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date
RCB 263/5 20 13.15 1 v Warriors Bengaluru 23-Apr-13
LSG 257/5 20 12.85 1 v Punjab Kings Mohali 28-04-2023
RCB 248/3 20 12.4 1 v Guj Lions Bengaluru 14-May-16
Super Kings 246/5 20 12.3 1 v Royals Chennai 03-Apr-10
KKR 245/6 20 12.25 1 v Kings XI Indore 12-May-18