TATA IPL 2022: Top 5 catches in IPL history

Top catches in IPL history includes Kieron Pollard, Chris Lynn, AB De Villiers, Ajinkya Rahane and Jofra Archer.

The IPL 2022 season will begin on March 26, with Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings facing off in the opening match. 

In this section we’ll rank the top five catches in the history of IPL


1. Kieron Pollard – 2014 – Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals

Pollard’s effort wins the top place on our list because it combines two spectacular catches into one.Kevon Cooper of the Royals batter certainly believed he had enough on his hoik to go long-on, but Pollard had other ideas. Pollard slipped to within a millimetre of the rope after snatching the ball out of the air with his right hand at full stretch before sending it back into play over his head. Pollard nearly lost his balance as he twisted around before rushing four steps towards the ball and diving for a one-handed capture.

2. Chris Lynn – 2014 – Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders 

De Villiers appears no. 2 on the list, however this time he is the subject of a sensational grab rather than the perpetrator. De Villiers seemed destined to add at least four runs to his total as he drew close to the midwicket and long-on boundary. When Chris Lynn, the pursuing fielder, lost his balance, it felt like a certain conclusion. Lynn, on the other hand, gathered himself, arched his back, caught the ball in mid-air, and then contorted his body to escape the boundary rope. It was an incredible effort, and unquestionably one of the finest catches in the IPL’s history.

3. AB de Villiers – 2018 – Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 

AB de Villiers is often towards the top of a ‘best of’ list, and he comes in third with an effort that his captain, Virat Kohli, characterised as ‘freakish, Superman stuff.’ De Villiers was called into action while fielding at deep midwicket as Sunrisers batsman Alex Hales pushed a short ball from Moeen Ali to him. He set himself up by running around the right-hand boundary and leaping into the air, almost past the boundary, to pick the ball off the ground. De Villiers celebrated by dropping-kicking the ball after his right foot hit just within the rope. The responses of his teammates, notably Kohli, who raced the length of the field to join in, were almost as wonderful as the catch.

4. Ajinkya Rahane – 2012 – Rajasthan Royals vs Pune Warriors India 

The majority of catches are the result of individual skill, so it’s a wonderful contrast when a stunner is the result of excellent teamwork. Although Rahane took credit for the last catch, it was actually Royals teammate Johan Botha had put in the most of the effort. Botha had the foresight to turn and toss the ball to Rahane, who was just a distance away, as he caught the ball as he sped towards the long-off boundary. Botha’s throw found Rahane nicely, and the India international completed the dismissal with a straightforward catch. Ravi Jadeja and Faf du Plessis, who did a similar stunning two-man catch at the 2020 event, deserve special attention.

5. Jofra Archer – 2020 – Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals 

Jofra’s match-winning bowling and cameos with the bat earned him the MVP award for the 2020 IPL season, but he also offered an unforgettable moment on the field. Archer, who was stationed at third man, misunderstood the trajectory of the ball off Ishan Kishan’s bat at first, sprinting several feet in front of the boundary. When the England international realised his error, he began to retrace before jumping and extending his right hand. The ball somehow stuck, and Archer’s teammates were left shaking their heads in bewilderment. The England international, on the other hand, appeared almost disinterested as he trotted in to accept the applause of his jubilant teammates.