TATA IPL 2022: “Send that person to a rehab centre,” – Ravi Shastri lashes out at a player

Ravi Shastri has lashed out at a player who risked Yuzvendra Chahal’s life after getting drunk.


Ravi Shastri has slammed the controversial action by a player to dangle Yuzvendra Chahal from the balcony during his stint with Mumbai Indians. The leg spinner recently revealed how his life was risked by a player, who isn’t revealed yet. The player was said to be drunk and lost consciousness.

“In 2013, I was with the Mumbai Indians. We had a match in Bengaluru. There was a get-together after that. There was a player who was very drunk, I will not take his name. He was very drunk; he was looking at me and he just called me. He took me outside and he dangled me from the balcony,” according to the video posted by Rajasthan Royals where Chahal can be  seen talking.

Reacting to the controversy, Ravi Shastri has demanded to send the player who is responsible for such an action straight to rehabilitation. Shastri said,

“No laughing matter at all. I do not know who the person involved is, he was not in a conscious state of mind. If that is the case, then it is a big worry. Someone’s life is at risk, some people might think it is funny but for me, it is not funny at all. It shows the person who is trying to do it is in a state which is not appropriate. When you are in such a state trying something like that, the chances of mistakes are even more. It is not acceptable at all,” according to the sources, Shastri reacted.

He further added, “It is the first time I am hearing such a drastic thing like this. It is not funny at all. If such an incident happens today, a life ban for that person involved and send that person to a rehab centre as quickly as possible. Life ban, better not come near to a cricket field then he will realise how funny is it or not funny.”