TATA IPL 2022: Revealed why Rishi Dhawan wore a face shield while bowling against CSK

Rishi Dhawan on Monday came out to bowl against CSK with a unique face gear that stole everyone’s attention, but none had clue about it.

With Santner coming one down for CSK against PBKS encounter, the spectators were thrown another surprise when Rishi Dhawan donned a face protective gear while bowling. Fans were left surprised by his look and even questioned the purpose of the gear. A mask-like gear that is majorly unseen on the cricket grounds is being questioned for its purpose. The gear protected his nose and forehead and the bowler continued to wear it during the match. It is uncommon to wear such gear or face shields in cricket.

But, according to the information, Rishi Dhawan was hit on his face by a ball on his follow-through during the second round of the Ranji Trophy. The player had sustained serious injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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