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Suresh Raina wants this side to win the IPL 2022; reveals reason for supporting the side

Suresh Raina, also known as Mr. IPL for his fantastic record in the league, opens up about which side he wants to see lifting the IPL trophy.


When you chat about IPL and the greatest players to play in the league, Suresh Raina is the name that automatically comes up. Raina holds several records in the IPL, one of which being the first player ever to cross the 5000 runs mark in the league. For his accomplishments and contribution to the league, Raina is also called Mr. IPL. Unfortunately, this year the stylish left-handed batsmen went unsold. The main reason considered for him going unsold was his fitness and form in the previous two seasons. However, you can’t keep Mr. IPL away from IPL. This season, Raina was a part of the IPL commentary and expert team.

With four teams confirmed to battle in the playoffs, Raina disclosed the side he wants to watch lifting the prestigious trophy. Raina revealed on Star Sports that he wants Royal Challengers Bangalore to win the Tata IPL 2022. Further, he stated that the main reason he wants RCB to win is Virat Kohli.

Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli were both part of the 2011 World Cup-winning Indian side. In a recent interview with RJ Raunak on the show ’13 Jawaab Nahi’, Raina cherished his moments with the former Indian Captains. Speaking about Virat Kohli, he said, “we have had some wonderful partnerships together, and he has made quite a few records.” Raina has constantly been a team player and repeatedly praised and supported his fellow teammates in the matches.

Another incident when Raina showed his support for Virat was when he replied to Mr. Vikrant Gupta on Twitter. Praising Virat, Raina wrote: ” Absolutely paji! King Kohli is going to make RCB proud tonight.

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Watching Raina support his fellow teammate shows the sportsmanship he possesses and his bromance with Kohli.