Shubman Gill survives dropped catch by Deepak Chahar in IPL 2023 Finals thriller

In the highly anticipated IPL 2023 Finals clash between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Golden Titans (GT), a crucial moment occurred that left fans astonished. Tushar Deshpande delivered a delivery to Shubman Gill, resulting in a potential catch opportunity for CSK. However, what seemed like a routine catch turned into a missed opportunity.

The ball was flicked uppishly by Gill after receiving a fuller-than-a-length delivery on his pads. The fielder stationed at backward square, Chahar, had been strategically placed by CSK captain Dhoni, seemingly in the perfect position to complete the catch. However, to everyone’s disbelief, Chahar failed to hold on to the catch, dropping it despite it being a regulation chance. The fact that it was Shubman Gill, a prominent batsman, only added to the disappointment of the CSK team and their supporters.


The dropped catch proved to be a stroke of luck for Shubman Gill, as he escaped what could have been an early dismissal. Such moments can often change the course of a match, and both teams would be aware of the significance of missed opportunities in high-stakes encounters like the IPL finals.