Shubman Gill smashes a hat-trick of fours in a sensational over against Tushar Deshpande in IPL 2023 Finals

In a thrilling display of batting prowess, Shubman Gill of the GT team showcased his skills by hitting a hattrick of fours in the fourth over bowled by Tushar Deshpande during the TATA IPL 2023 Finals between CSK and GT.

The excitement reached its peak at the 3.1th ball when Tushar Deshpande delivered a slower delivery into the pitch. Gill, displaying great patience and timing, expertly waited for the ball to arrive before unleashing a powerful pull shot through midwicket. The ball left his bat with a resounding crack, leaving spectators in awe of his exceptional stroke-making ability.


Not content with just one boundary, Gill continued his assault on the bowler. On the very next delivery, Deshpande bowled a fuller delivery outside off stump. Gill exhibited his elegant technique and excellent hand-eye coordination as he punched the ball crisply through the extra cover region. The ball raced to the boundary, giving Gill his second consecutive four in the over.

The hat-trick of boundaries was completed on the third delivery of the over. Deshpande bowled a ball full into the pads of Gill, who showcased his superb wrist work by flicking the ball in the air. Although there was a fielder positioned at deep midwicket, the ball landed just beyond his reach, resulting in another boundary for Gill.

The TATA IPL 2023 Finals crowd erupted with excitement as Gill’s exceptional display of stroke play left everyone astounded. The three consecutive boundaries not only added valuable runs to GT’s total but also showcased Gill’s ability to dominate the bowlers and seize control of the game.