Ridiculous….there are quite a few who are permanent residents of NCA: Frustrated Ravi Shastri on Indian pacers getting recurring injuries

While talking about the injury of Deepak Chahar, who had to withdraw from Chennai Super Kings’ IPL match against Mumbai Indians after bowling just one over due to a left hamstring injury, Ravi Shastri expressed his frustration about the frequent and recurring injuries to senior Indian bowlers. Shastri described the situation as “unreal,” “ridiculous,” and “frustrating.”

“Let’s put it this way: there are quite a few in the last three or four years who are permanent residents of the NCA,” Shastri said on ESPNcricinfo show ahead of Super Kings’s home match against Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday.
“Soon, they’ll get a resident permit there to walk in any time they want, which is not a good thing at all. It’s unreal.”

Ravi Shastri was frustrated by the fact that despite the NCA medical team deeming the majority of these players healthy and their workloads not being excessive, they were still suffering from ailments.

“Come on, you’re not playing that much cricket to be injured again and again,” Shastri said. “I mean, you can’t play four matches on the trot. What are you going to the NCA for? If you are going to come back and then three matches [later] you’re back there. So make sure you get fit and come once and for all because it’s damn frustrating. Not just for the team, the players, the BCCI, the captains of the various [IPL] franchises. It’s annoying, to say the least.

The day after the Mumbai Indians match, the Super Kings issued a media statement stating that Chahar would have further scans before a decision is made on his participation in the remaining matches of the IPL.

“I can understand a serious injury, but every four games when someone touches his hamstring or someone touches his groin, you start thinking what are these guys… what are they training, what’s going on. And some of them don’t play any other cricket in the year. It’s just four overs [in the IPL], man, three hours. The game is over,” Shastri said.