Ravindra Jadeja IPL 2024 – Fees, team, salary, and IPL career stats

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Ravindra Jadeja stands at a staggering $16 million (approximately Rs. 120 Crore in Indian Rupees), making him one of the most financially successful cricketers in the world. The primary source of Jadeja’s income and net worth stems from his illustrious cricketing career. Renowned for his exceptional skills on the field, Jadeja commands a high brand value and is revered as one of the most respected players across the globe. In addition to his cricket earnings, Jadeja earns a substantial sum from endorsing multiple brands, capitalizing on his widespread popularity.

In his remarkable IPL journey spanning 226 matches, Ravindra Jadeja has showcased his prowess both with the bat and the ball. Accumulating a total of 2677 runs, including two fifties, Jadeja boasts an impressive batting average of 26.25 and a commendable strike rate of 128.21. Moreover, his adept fielding skills are evident with 97 catches taken throughout his IPL career.


On the bowling front, Jadeja’s left-arm spin has proven to be a potent weapon for his team. With 152 wickets to his name, Jadeja’s bowling average stands at 29.57, showcasing his ability to make crucial breakthroughs in crucial moments of the game.

Ravindra Jadeja’s IPL Auction Price History

Year after year, Jadeja’s consistent performances have garnered significant attention in the IPL auctions. Here’s a glimpse of his auction price history:

– 2018: INR 7.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2019: INR 7.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2020: INR 7.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2021: INR 7.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2022: INR 16.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2023: INR 16.00 Cr – Chennai
– 2024: INR 16.00 Cr – Chennai

Ravindra Jadeja’s remarkable journey in the IPL continues as he gears up to showcase his talent once again in the upcoming 2024 season, representing the Chennai franchise. With his exceptional all-round abilities, Jadeja remains a crucial asset for his team, poised to make significant contributions on the field.