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Rashid Khan bags third wicket as GT spinner sends shockwaves through Mumbai Indians’ lineup

In a stunning display of spin bowling mastery, Rashid Khan of the Gujarat Titans claimed his third wicket of the match during the ninth over, leaving the Mumbai Indians reeling. The victim this time was Nehal Wadhera, who fell victim to Rashid’s deceptive wrong ‘un.

Rashid, known for his exceptional control and variations, pushed the delivery flatter and quicker outside off stump. The wrong ‘un, spinning away from the left-hander, proved too tempting for Wadhera, who opted to cut the ball.

However, his aggressive intent worked against him as he ended up getting an inside edge. The ball ricocheted onto the stumps, triggering an eruption of the zing bails.

With this crucial wicket, Rashid Khan bagged his third wicket, leaving the Mumbai Indians in a dire situation. The Afghan magician showcased his ability to bamboozle batsmen with his repertoire of deliveries, and the Mumbai Indians found themselves reeling at the loss of three important wickets.

Nehal Wadhera’s departure marked another setback for the Mumbai Indians. Despite his brief stay at the crease, Wadhera had displayed aggression, scoring 15 runs off just 7 balls, including a boundary and a maximum. However, his dismissal further deepened the hole that the Mumbai Indians found themselves in.

Rashid’s brilliance on the field continued to mesmerize the spectators, with fans eagerly anticipating every delivery he bowled.

Earlier –

Rashid Khan showcased his prowess by claiming two crucial wickets in a single over. The victims of his bowling brilliance were none other than the dangerous duo of Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma, who had been instrumental in the Mumbai Indians’ recent matches.

The first wicket to fall was that of Mumbai Indians’ captain, Rohit Sharma. The leg-break deceived Rohit, causing him to go forward in defense. Unfortunately for the Mumbai Indians, the ball took the outside edge of Rohit’s bat and flew into the hands of Rahul Tewatia at slip.

Tewatia made no mistake in taking the catch, moving swiftly to his left. Although the Gujarat Titans celebrated the wicket with muted enthusiasm, they were well aware of the significance of dismissing Rohit, who had scored a brisk 29 runs off just 18 balls, including three fours and two sixes.

In the same over, Rashid continued his magic by dismissing Ishan Kishan, who was adjudged LBW (leg before wicket) by the umpire.

The decision appeared to be a straightforward one, with the ball striking Kishan on the back-thigh and in line with the stumps. The left-hander, sensing his dismissal, didn’t even contemplate a review and walked back to the pavilion.

Kishan had scored an impressive 31 runs off 20 deliveries, including four boundaries and a six. However, his dismissal further compounded the Mumbai Indians’ woes, as they lost two wickets in quick succession for the second consecutive match.

Rashid’s delivery to Kishan was expertly tossed up, enticing the batsman into attempting a sweep shot. The ball, however, spun back into the left-hander and caught him on the back-thigh, leaving little doubt in the umpire’s mind.