Never seen Rohit performing when the team needs him the most: Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden criticizes Rohit Sharma’s performance in crucial matches.

In the intense clash between the Mumbai Indians and the Gujarat Titans during the ongoing IPL 2023, Mumbai Indians’ captain Rohit Sharma faced yet another disappointment as he failed to deliver a substantial contribution with the bat. This time, it was fast bowler Mohammed Shami who outsmarted the prolific opener, resulting in an early exit for Rohit.

The dismissal occurred when Shami unleashed a well-directed short ball at Rohit. Known for his proficiency in playing the pull shot, Rohit attempted to take on the delivery. However, his execution didn’t align with his intentions, leading to a mistimed shot. As a result, the ball soared high in the air, offering a top-edge opportunity for the fielder.


Joshua Little, positioned at fine leg, exhibited swift reflexes and settled under the ball with composure. He completed a clean catch, resulting in Rohit Sharma’s return to the pavilion. This breakthrough proved significant for the Gujarat Titans, as Rohit’s wicket carries immense value in any match scenario.

While Rohit’s dismissal dealt a blow to the Mumbai Indians’ aspirations, it also sparked commentary box discussions. Matthew Hayden, renowned former cricketer and a part of the commentary team, didn’t mince his words while analyzing Rohit’s performance. In his remark, Hayden expressed his disappointment, stating, “Never saw Rohit Sharma performing when his team needs him the most, whether it’s for India or MI.”

Hayden’s comment shed light on the perceived inconsistency in Rohit Sharma’s performances in crucial matches. The Mumbai Indians’ skipper, who is known for his ability to lead from the front, has faced criticism in the past for not delivering substantial contributions when the team heavily relies on him.

As an accomplished cricketer himself, Hayden’s statement holds weight and resonates with fans and cricket enthusiasts who have observed Rohit’s performances closely. While Rohit has showcased brilliance on numerous occasions throughout his career, there have been instances where he hasn’t lived up to the expectations in pressure situations.