MS Dhoni’s new Monk Avatar leaves fans wondering, photo goes viral


MS Dhoni is known for his makeovers that become a pattern. From being a long-haired youngster in the India team during his early years to sporting clean-shaven looks during the twilight of his international career, Dhoni has always been a trendsetter.

On Saturday, the authority telecasters of the Indian Premier League, Star Sports posted another photograph of MS Dhoni donning a clean-cut head in a Monk-like symbol. The photograph has turned into a web sensation with fans considering what is the issue here.

While theory is overflowing that MS Dhoni’s new look will be essential for a business for IPL 2021, beginning April 9, fanatics of the previous India chief are cherishing the new look, it appears. While a couple of considered what was the photograph around, a part of the fans compared MS Dhoni’s totally relaxed attitude toward the field to the new photograph.

Star Sports shared the photo with a disclaimer that read: “Set up in a marital arts training camp”.