Mohit Sharma strikes with key wicket as CSK faces tense chase in IPL 2023 Finals

In the thrilling IPL 2023 Finals between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT), the game took a dramatic turn as Mohit Sharma claimed a crucial wicket, dismissing Ajinkya Rahane. Rahane’s departure marked the 25th wicket of the season for Sharma, further highlighting his prowess as a bowler. The wicket came at a crucial juncture when CSK needed 53 runs to win in just 24 balls.

Mohit Sharma showcased his ability to deceive batsmen with his crafty slower deliveries throughout the season. More than half of his wickets would have come through such variations, showcasing his mastery over the art of bowling. This time was no different as he deceived Rahane with a slower length ball outside off.


Rahane, aware of Sharma’s trickery, was prepared for the slower delivery but couldn’t execute his shot as planned. The ball flew towards the fielder, Vijay Shankar, who held on to a vital catch. Rahane’s contribution of 27 runs off 13 balls, including two boundaries and two sixes, had given CSK some hope in their chase.

As the game approached its climax, the tension grew palpable. CSK now required 53 runs from just 24 balls to clinch the title. Every run became crucial, and the responsibility fell on the experienced shoulders of Ambati Rayudu, who walked out to bat. This was not just any game for Rayudu; it is his final appearance before retiring from professional cricket.

The IPL 2023 Finals had been a spectacle of high-intensity cricket, with both teams showcasing their skills and determination. The revised target of 171 runs in 15 overs had set the stage for a thrilling finish. As only four overs remained in the match, the pressure is mounting on CSK to deliver.