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JioCinema sets new record with 3.2 Crore viewers during IPL 2023 Finals

JioCinema, the popular OTT platform, achieved a groundbreaking milestone during the IPL 2023 finals. The platform offered free live streaming of the highly anticipated match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT), attracting an unprecedented viewership of over 3.2 crore concurrent viewers. This remarkable feat not only surpassed previous records but also established JioCinema as the world record holder for the most concurrent views during a live-streamed event.

The IPL 2023 season marked the first time that cricket matches were streamed for free on JioCinema, following their acquisition of the streaming rights. This move by the platform proved to be immensely successful, as millions of cricket enthusiasts flocked to JioCinema to catch the thrilling clash between CSK and GT in the IPL finale.

Prior to this, Disney+ Hotstar held the record for the highest number of concurrent viewers during a cricket match, with over 2.5 crore viewers tuning in for a game in July 2019. However, JioCinema’s feat during the IPL Final 2023 surpassed this milestone, solidifying its position as the new record holder.

Last year, Reliance, led by Ambani, secured the rights for the IPL for a staggering $3 billion, outbidding Disney. This deal granted Reliance the exclusive rights to stream IPL matches for five years until 2027. With the introduction of free live streaming on JioCinema, Reliance has further expanded its presence in the digital streaming landscape, providing an unmatched viewing experience to cricket fans across the nation.

The viewership numbers witnessed during the IPL 2023 playoffs were also significant. During the Qualifier 2 match between GT and Mumbai Indians, JioCinema recorded an impressive 2.57 crore concurrent viewers. The high-stakes encounter and Shubman Gill’s century in the first innings attracted considerable attention, contributing to the platform’s growing popularity.

In addition to its IPL success, JioCinema has recently inked a multi-year partnership with NBCUniversal, bringing a vast array of content to Indian audiences.