IPL franchises offer huge contracts to 6 England players to quit International Cricket: Report

Top IPL franchises reportedly offer massive deals to lure England cricketers to quit international cricket

In recent years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has emerged as the most popular and lucrative T20 league in the world. The league attracts top cricketers from all around the world, who vie for the opportunity to play in the high-octane tournament, with millions of fans watching eagerly from their screens.

In a recent development, it has been reported that IPL franchises are offering massive deals to English cricketers to convince them to quit international cricket and focus solely on playing T20 leagues round the year. The franchises are said to be offering annual contracts ranging up to 5 million pounds to some of the top England players, who could potentially be interested in such a proposition.


“This development follows discussions among players’ unions around the world about the potential implications of 12-month franchise contracts, which would be a significant step towards the football model of elite players being primarily contracted to their team and released for international duty, rather than the other way around.”

It is not surprising that the IPL franchises are making such offers to English players, as they have already branched out into other T20 leagues around the world. With the upcoming Major League T20 in the US and the ambitious Saudi T20 league on the horizon, the franchises are looking to expand their talent pool and create a strong and diverse team that can compete in multiple leagues.

However, it remains to be seen whether these offers will be accepted by the English players. Playing for one’s country is the ultimate goal for any cricketer, and giving up international cricket would be a significant decision that would require careful consideration. It is also worth noting that the English cricket board (ECB) has strict rules about players participating in other leagues while they are contracted to play for England.

Furthermore, there could be concerns about the long-term impact of playing in multiple T20 leagues on a player’s physical and mental health. With the constant travel and high-pressure environment, it could take a toll on the players, both on and off the field.