IPL Auction 2022: Delhi Capitals welcome Mitchell Marsh into the team for 6.5 crores

Mitchell Marsh was bought for Rs 6.5 crores by Delhi Capitals.

Delhi Capitals banks Australian all-rounder, Mitchell Marsh for Rs 6.5 crores at the IPL 2022 Mega Auction.

Earlier Gujarat and Hyderabad were competing for Marsh to get him into their team. When Gujarat stopped bidding for Marsh, it looked he will go into the hands of Hyderabad until Delhi joins the bidding war at Rs 4.60 crores.


It became a tussle between Hyderabad and Delhi to grab the outstanding all-rounder into their teams.

Both the teams looked greedy to have Marsh who can benefit the team in both the departments, batting, and bowling.

The bidding went over Rs 6 crores, and still, none of them was ready to let him go. It came down to Rs 6.5 crores, bidden by Delhi, and Hyderabad didn’t consider going beyond it, letting Delhi have the benefits of Marsh.

Delhi has also bought David Warner for Rs 6.25 crores.