IPL Auction 2022: CSK retains Deepak Chahar for a whopping Rs 14 crores, so far their highest bid

Chennai Super Kings retains Deepak Chahar for Rs 14 crores at the IPL auction 2022.


Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have retained their right-arm medium pace bowler Deepak Chahar for Rs 14 crores at the IPL Auction 2022.

In the beginning, it didn’t seem that Chennai would retain Deepak as Delhi started the bid for Rs 2 crores, joined by Hyderabad. It looked like a clear bidding war between Delhi and Hyderabad bidding for Deepak. Deepak’s base price was set as Rs 2 crores, and Delhi and Hyderabad kept on adding to the amount. Their bidding war reached the mark of Rs 10 crores, which was put by Hyderabad.

Delhi had a discussion among themselves and then raise the bid to Rs 10.25 crores. After Hyderabad raised it to Rs 10.50 crores, Chennai joins the party at Rs 11 crores. It became a tussle between Hyderabad and Chennai till Rs 13 crores until Rajasthan participates in the tussle at Rs 13.25 crores.

Now it was a competition between Chennai and Rajasthan. When Rajasthan raised the bid to Rs 13.75 crores, Chennai breaks their bank and bid for Rs 14 crores.

Rajasthan had a brief discussion if they could go beyond Rs 14 crores. As a result, they stopped and let Chennai retain its right-arm-fast-bowler.

So far, Deepak Chahar is Chennai Super King’s highest ever bid.