IPL 2024 RCB vs CSK: How was Lockie Ferguson allowed to bowl despite bowling two beamers

Controversy Over Lockie Ferguson’s Beamers

In a surprising turn of events during the IPL 2024 match between RCB and CSK, MS Dhoni faced a no-ball from Lockie Ferguson, which was the second beamer bowled by the RCB pacer.

According to cricket rules under Law 42.6, a bowler should receive a warning for dangerous bowling after the first beamer. If a bowler repeats this offense, they can be banned from bowling for the rest of the innings or the match, as happened to Waqar Younis in the 2003 Cricket World Cup.


However, Ferguson was allowed to continue bowling despite his two beamers. This has raised questions about why some cricket rules seem to be ignored or modified, especially in IPL 2024. Fans are left wondering why officials are not strictly following the basic rules, leading to unnecessary debates over what should be clear-cut decisions.