IPL 2024: “Piyush Chawla purani basmati chawal hai,” Suresh Raina comments on veteran spinner after Chawla sends Gujarat Titans captain Shubman Gill back

In an electrifying IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians, legend spinner Piyush Chawla showcased a spectacle that amazed the fans and commentators. Especially, a statement of Suresh Raina during the Hindi comment captures the moment essence perfectly.

As the match unfolded, Chawla found himself in the spotlight when he dismissed the formidable Shubman Gill with a crafty delivery. The ball, a deceptive googly delivered at 86kph, didn’t offer much spin but was enough to deceive Gill, who attempted a lofted shot down the ground. Unfortunately for Gill, he failed to get the elevation required, and the ball found its way into the hands of Mumbai Indians’ skipper Rohit Sharma stationed at long-on.


Moreover, this wicket is another addition to the impressive IPL wicket-taking spree that Chawla exhibits, underscoring his abilities as a quality spinner. However, despite being experienced and age, Chawla remains critical for his team, showcasing character and game precision.

However, it was Suresh Raina’s commentary that truly captured the essence of Chawla’s performance. Raina, known for his insightful commentary and deep understanding of the game, likened Chawla to “purani basmati chawal” – gets better with age.

In his tribute to Chawla, Raina not only highlighted the spinner’s longevity and experience but also emphasized the invaluable contribution that seasoned players bring to the game. Using the timeless adage “Old is Gold,” Raina celebrated Chawla’s vintage spell.